Departments > Mechanical Engineering
Year of Establishment: 2009 Total Intake: 120

Nanasaheb Mahadik Polytechnic Institute, Peth is offering Diploma course in Mechanical Engineering from 2009.In academic year 2009-10 intake for 1st year mechanical was 60. Intake has been increased from 60 to 120 in academic year 2010-11. Department's current intake is 120. Mechanical department having well qualified 15 faculties.

The Department having well equipped Laboratories for Applied Mechanics, Strength Of Material, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Machineries , Theory Of Machine for improving the knowledge of students. Mechanical workshop having area 900 sq. m which contains Machine shop, Fitting shop, Carpentry shop, Welding shop etc. Using these facilities department is ready to introduce engineers who will solve the problems in any industry.

Department  of  Mechanical  Engineering
Year of Establishment 2009
Head of Department Mr. V. A. Kapase
Contact - Ph. No. 8600003003
Total number of Laboratories 11
Teaching Faculty 15
Supporting Staff 06
Total number of Classrooms 04
Total Intake 120
Total Area 1300

Drawing Hall
Mechanical Engineering Laboratories
Applied Mechanics Lab

Laboratory Resources: Universal Force Table
Parallel Force Apparatus
Compound Wheel & Axle
Double Purchase Winch Crab
Worm & Worm Wheel a) single start b) Double Start c) Triple Start
Weston’s Differential Pulley block
Double Sheave Pulley Block
Simple Screw Jack
Friction apparatus
Law of moment apparatus
Differential Pulley Block
Simple Jib Crane
Utilization of Laboratory: Mechanical Engg., Electrical Engg.,

Strength of Material Lab

Laboratory Resources: Universal Testing Machine
Brinell hardness Machine
Rockwell Hardness Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Impact Testing Machine
Utilization of Laboratory: Mechanical Engg.


Laboratory Resources:
  • Fitting Shop Equipments
  • Carpentry Shop Equipments
  • Welding Shop Equipments
  • Machine Shop
    • Lathe Machines
    • Universal Milling Machine
    • Power Hacksaw Machine
    • Drilling Machine
    • Wood Turning Lathe
    • Shearing Machine
Utilization of Laboratory: F.Y. & S.Y. Mechanical Engg., F.Y. Electrical Engg.,
F.Y. Electronics & Tele-communication Engg.